Lets find out if we are right for each other…


Our goal at Rivers Massage is for you to leave knowing that you just had one of the best massages in your life.


It is our mission to connect with clients whom are searching for relief from stress and muscle pains and would also appreciate being pampered for the session.


Our background includes time spent training in a spa environment and this becomes clear with the use of hot towels, hot stones, luxurious lotions, an aromatic diffuser and of course a comfortable massage table.


This pampering, however, is not the core mission of Rivers Massage.  Our goal is to find and relieve stress and pain in the muscles and connective tissues of our clientele.


We understand that our results are a highly sought-after service.  We also understand that when a person invests in a massage therapist they must be rewarded consistently with the best bodywork possible.

What to expect from your visit at Rivers Massage.

  • Expect great communications and your reason for making the appointment addressed.
  • Expect your therapist to be a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 600 hours of class training.
  • Expect absolute cleanliness.
  • Expect your massage to be consistent each visit from a therapist that is not overworked but instead has been looking forward to your appointment.

You might be a great candidate for Rivers Massage if…

  • Your old therapist that you really love has moved or is no longer practicing.
  • You fully understand what true therapeutic massage can do for you.
  • You are finished paying for overpriced massages in spas and not noticing a tremendous benefit to your wellness.
  • You need to manage symptoms from fibromyalgia, scoliosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, carpal tunnel, migraines etc…
  • You have problem areas with certain muscle groups and are searching for a therapist whom will address these areas until you are satisfied.
  • You are an athlete who needs sports massage for recovery and better performance.
  • You are recovering from a surgery with needs to regain mobility.
  • You value a therapist that you don’t even have to direct.  Instead, every trouble spot you have is found by experienced, professional hands that understand how muscles work.

Does it sound like we are a match?  If so, call now for more information and to book your appointment.

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